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Board Training and
Understanding Your Documents

  • Work with board members and committee members to help them understand their roles and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Provide board member training.
  • Board member certification - We work with the local professionals to conduct periodic classes and legal update sessions for board member certifications.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to help them understand their Governing Documents.


  • The staff at CMH Management attends regular educational seminars and is encouraged to maintain professional designations with the Community Association Institute.

CMH Management, LLC Board Member Training Common Topics

  • The legal nature and purpose of homeowner associations
  • Roles of the Board, Manager, Owner
  • Developing your volunteer base through committees
  • Running effective meetings
  • Purpose of resolutions and minutes
  • Rule Development and Enforcement
  • Summary

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CMH Management leads the industry in homeowner association and condominium associations management. Our services include commercial, residential, on-site, portfolio, mentoring, virtual CAM and deed restriction-only management services.

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