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Association Governance

Governmental Compliance - Take such action as may be necessary to comply promptly with any and all orders or requirements, of which proper notice is given, which affect the common areas or community facilities and are placed thereon by any federal, state, county or municipal authority having jurisdiction there-over.

Performance Standard - Operate and maintain the common areas and community facilities at all times in accordance with the highest standard achievable and the overall plan of operation of the Association, and perform all other acts and duties as are reasonably necessary and proper.

Board of Directors Meetings - Confer freely and fully with the Board of Directors of the Association in the performance of its duties and to attend and regular board meetings as determined in advance and as necessary to ensure the smooth operation and business of the Association.

Implementation of Board Policies – Assist with the implementation of board actions , policies and directives and facilitate communication between the membership and the Board of Directors.

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